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  • 消费者消费行为


    Today, consumers are turning to the more complex than ever before and the way comes in contact with the media and brand and interaction. Our duty is to help you go deep into the most subtle level, to know who is your most valuable customers, and their behavior. Consumers seem to chop and change, but when you have the correct information, they are, in fact, it is easy to understand. We are committed to monitoring and understanding of consumers from different perspectives, and then provide you with tools and insights, in order to make informed decisions. When you get a comprehensive understanding of our surrounding your customers after work, you can take action to promote the growth of the business.


    在广阔市场上探索消费者定义的产品类别界限,识别能最大化您的nba直播网站效益的品类。 nba直播百度拥有最专业的研究团队,通过研究框架反应消费者接受新产品的流程路径,我们用它来帮助诊断您的新产品如何定位消费者的购买能力。我们的解决方案就推新准备阶段的动态,找到市场的精准定位,以确定服务与产品推广进展顺利。

    In the broad market exploration of the definition of consumer product category boundaries, recognition can maximize your brand benefit category. All know with the most professional research team, by studying the frame response of consumers to accept the new product flow path, we use it to help in the diagnosis of your new products how to position the purchasing power of consumers. Our solution is pushing a new stage of dynamic, find accurate market positioning, to determine the service and product promotion goes well.



    Today's consumers every day in the face of the omnipresent advertising information. These huge amounts of information through a variety of new approaches in the evolution of the update message to consumers, they make buying decisions based on this. Vanzbrand  using "communication effect analysis model, to measure the effect of conveying information to the audience, advertising you whether to change their ideas, whether to get the expected sales feedback. Using this model, we can help to comprehensive assessment of your marketing strategy.



    Great innovation comes from unmet consumer demand, but they are not easy to be excavated. Market demand analysis can help you lock opportunities and expand business opportunities, innovation has the potential to change the rules of market and mining. Mining consumer demand and the driving factors of brand choice, assess the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, found that nobody has entered the field, and for a specific category identify growth opportunities.